Monday, 29 February 2016

February Favourites

It's February Favourites time and I'll spare you the whole, 'How is it nearly March already?' chat as I know you're here for the goods.

February has been a quiet month in terms of new, beauty favourites. I haven't strayed too far from my routines or incorporated many new products into my day-to-day schedule but there's a few gems that we need to discuss.

February Favourites - Life in Excess Blog

February Favourites - Life in Excess Blog

Firstly, I've been banging on about a spray moisturiser for ages and I finally picked up this Vaseline Intensive Care Moisturizer a couple of weeks ago, and yes, it's the ultimate lazy-girl skincare item. I love it. If you hate moisturising or find applying moisturiser to be tedious, buy this. It's a game-changer!

Next up we have the Origins Modern Friction Instant Brightening Pads. I love a good exfoliating pad and these deliver. They are pretty rough to buff into the skin, but I like that about them. I feel like it really digs deep and leaves my skin feeling much clearer after use. I already have another pot of these on order so you know I'm a fan.

For beautiful-smelling hair, I've been reaching for the Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume*. (Aherm, mouthful!) It's a really fragrant hair conditioner come hair perfume. With almond milk, neroli, rose, grapefruit and jojoba oil to name but a few of the ingredients, you definitely can't miss this one. I personally love the scent and when it has the hubby commenting on it too, you know you're onto a winner.

Glow-lovers, this next product is for you. The H&M Halo Illuminiser in Delicate Pearl. I mentioned this in a recent blog post - The Faux Glow. I can't get enough of this and find myself reaching for it almost every time I do my face. The slightly tacky texture means it's perfect to use as a primer. I've been slapping this all over my face before applying my foundation/tinted moisturiser for that luminous look. 

Finally, I mentioned the Sephora Sweet on You Blusher recently on my blog and it's definitely moving up the ranks to become a firm favourite. It's a gorgeous, coral-pink colour that's perfectly suited to the warmer weather that has started to creep up in Abu Dhabi.

What are your favourite products this month? Have you tried any of my February Favourites, if so, what are your thoughts?

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