Wednesday, 3 February 2016

NARS Amour

I've saved this review especially for February - yes, I'm that sad!

When a product has the shade name 'Amour' it would be be rude not to. You know, with February being the month of love and all...

Anyway, waffle aside, I bought this blusher towards the end of last year. The only other NARS product that I own is the NARS Domination Cheek Palette, and whilst that was an ordeal to come by in itself, I love the products that this set contains and knew that I'd eventually have to expand my NARS blusher collection.

That's where Amour stepped in. 

NARS Amour blusher swatches and review

NARS Amour blusher swatches and review

I'd sell my soul for a perfect pinky/peach blush with just the right amount of shimmer. That's what 90% of my blusher collection consists of, but after a while, things start looking a bit, 'same-y.' I've been trying to mix things up a bit and dabble in various pinks - which is how NARS Amour came to find its way into my mitts.

The blusher itself is a matte, dusty pink. NARS describe it as a peachy pink, but I tend to disagree. When it's buffed into the skin, it's much more muted. It's one of those blusher shades that give a really naturally flushed appearance to the skin, and I like that about it. It's not too intense, despite looking it in the pan, and as with most NARS blushers, the texture is perfect. Soft, silky and blends out with ease. 

I'm going to make a pretty bold statement here and you'd be forgiven for questioning our friendship after this, but... A lot of NARS products don't tickle my pickle. 

Okay, do we need a minute?

I've hovered around the counters numerous times, wanting to make a purchase, but nothing ever 'speaks to me.' And yes, even the infamous lip crayons - I've scribbled myself with swatches a number of times and always walked away empty-handed. The blushers on the other hand are much harder to resist. They're what I always tend to gravitate towards when it comes to NARS and I'm glad I've added Amour to my fledgling collection.

NARS Amour blusher swatches and review

What are your thoughts? Does this shade appeal to you and what, if anything, do you love about NARS as a brand? Are there any products that are must-haves for you?


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