Friday, 5 February 2016

Squashed Grapes

Moomin Pjs

Today has, or more specifically is, one of those days where I want to bury my head underneath my duvet and eat an unfathomable amount of crisps... and I never eat crisps. 

Okay, I eat crisps but certainly not regularly unless I'm doing it in my sleep, which we can't entirely rule out as I have a tendency to indulge in midnight snacking.

I once had a pretty strong cheese and pickle night-time routine that, on occasion, my husband would chance upon, half-asleep, bleary-eyed but just conscious enough to remember seeing me stuff a piece of cheddar in my mouth and to question me on it the following day.

I believe he still loves me in spite of this.

Anyway, I have been unable to prise myself from my Moomin pjs today, never mind adult in any sense of the word. The closest I came to being fully-fuctional was when I fumbled in my drawers for my work out clothes, briefly considering venturing to the gym, before shoving them back out of sight; shuddering.

I also cried... because sometimes a girl's just gotta get those emotions out. You'd be forgiven for having a little laugh to yourself here because the humour of the situation isn't lost on me. The purpose for my tears was wholly non-existent. I'd woken up out of sorts and the day just sort of spirralled from there. I couldn't even console myself with cake because I'm trying out this veganism lark. Don't ask, but what I will say is that I'm still not totally against eating steak. Or all the cake for that matter. I just sort of fell into this new diet - if there's such a thing as a part-time vegan then that's definitely what I would describe this as being. 

Fair play to proper vegans. You guys are hard core. I'm still learning what kale is and still trying to convince myself that only calves should be drinking cow breast milk. 

Though lack of cake or any fun food item aside, there's one thing that isn't strictly out of bounds, so to speak. Wine, and most glorious wine at that too. And yes, I'm comfortable with the fact that it's 3:30 in the afternoon and that it's probably frowned upon in several sections of society, but hey, who can argue with squashed grapes? Especially when they come chilled and with the ability to turn any dire situation into a party. 

In a nutshell, wine is good. 

So, as I sit at my laptop, sun glaring in through the window and a marshmallow candle flickering tauntingly in the background, I've decided that I'm okay with how life panned out today. Yes, it's been one dramatic bundle of wallowing self-pity, but hey, not every day is a picnic and some parades are there to be pissed on. 

Today is a glass or six of wine, but tomorrow is a new day!


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