Friday, 26 February 2016

Why I'm Trying To Adopt A Plant-Based Diet

Okay, hold the phone... Say what?

If anyone would have told me six months, hell, even six weeks ago that I'd be considering switching to a plant-based diet, I would have laughed in their face. We're talking serious belly laughs. 

A life without meat and dairy is a life I wasn't sure was worth living. That was, until, I started to educate myself a little more. 

Vegan Diet, Why I'm Trying To Adopt A Plant-Based Diet

As some of you may know, I started working with a personal trainer in November. I've never considered myself to be overweight, in fact, I'd say I maintain a healthy body weight but I was really hoping to build on my physical fitness, (which was borderline zero) and tone up those jiggly bits - 'cause we all have them, right?!

It was through my trainer that I began to get a better understanding of diet and how it plays such a huge part in our overall health. I've always been a pizza kinda girl, I still very much am, but more and more of what he said to me began to make sense. If I truly wanted to achieve the best body that I could, I needed to stop fuelling it with crap. Sounds simple, right?

One of the suggestions he made to me was that I watch the documentary, 'Forks Over Knives.' I'll admit, I was skeptical when he told me it was advocating the benefits of a plant-based diet. But, not wanting to dismiss it before seeing what it was about, Scott and I decided to sit down and watch it...

And the result was eye opening to say the least!

Anyone that is remotely interested in their overall health and fitness should watch this documentary. Sure, it's a little dated and a touch serious, but the science it presents is astounding. It completely changed my perspective on what constitutes a, 'good diet' and I found myself seriously questioning what I wanted to do moving forward.

I'll spare you the preachy details, but in short, it argues that animal-based proteins such as those consumed through meat and dairy, are not the best things to be putting into our bodies and adopting a plant-based diet can have significant health benefits as well as reversing some chronic diseases and ailments. 

Afterwards, I sat down and began to do my own research. Looking into vegan diets and the effects of plant-based nutrition on the body and I slowly began to realise that it was something I wanted to try out for myself, to see if I felt healthier, more energised and less lethargic during the day. 

I'm not going to sit here and say I'm totally quitting eating meat and dairy - I will still enjoy the odd steak dinner, meals out to nice restaurants and bars of chocolate, but I'm aiming for most of my meals to be plant-based. 

So far, Scott and I have been sticking to a vegan diet during the week and then allowing ourselves the occasional treats at the weekend -  and so far so good!

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