Monday, 7 March 2016

Life's Lessons

Happy Monday everyone. Or, 'don't worry, you'll make it through the day' depending on how you view your start of the week. I've learnt a few things in the past week or so and thought it only fair I shared them with you guys.

Life's Lessons - Life in Excess Blog

Firstly, don't get onto ground-level with a puppy unless you're willing and prepared to have your nose bitten. 

Laugh if you must, but I learnt a valuable lesson - in the park and in full view of the general public. Daisy, (our usually lovely Shih Tzu puppy) is still learning how to 'dog' and as a result, we've had some interesting incidents. 

Next up, I feel like my botanical skills are kicking it up a notch. The, what I'm going to assume is some kind of palm plant that we bought several weeks ago is flourishing. I also think it has begun to sprout new leaves which, if you know my past history of murdering flora, you'd understand that it is quite the achievement. My orchid on the other hand is resembling more of a twig than the blooming plant it was when I bought it. Fear not though - Google informs me that they go through phases of losing their flowering bits and resting before re-sprouting. So, suggestions on how to dress up my feeble-looking twig until it's flowering again are greatly welcomed. 

Is tinsel too festive?

I also learnt, or more correctly, had it highlighted to me once again; how weird people actually are. 

Yes, it's more blog search terms:

Life in Excess - Funny Search Terms

I mean, I'm flattered and all, but once again... why is this a search term for my blog?

Also, kudos to whoever searched for this...

Life in Excess - Funny Search Terms

I can only assume it's in relation to this post. I love it when people get straight to the point. 

Finally, the last thing I've learnt these last few weeks is that I'm really unfashionable.

It's painful to admit but I have put in several strong hours on ASOS over the last few weeks and walked away empty-handed every time. I'm going to go full scale grandma here but I just don't love 'fashion' at the moment. I'm a firm believer in wearing gym-wear in the gym, not to Tescos and underwear that looks like you need a PHD to get into is just not my cup of tea. 


What's a girl gotta do to get a bunch of items not too dissimilar to what's already sitting in her wardrobe, preferably in black or white? 

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