Monday, 18 April 2016

Shit My Husband Says #8

I failed at doing a thing. 

So, remember in my last 'Shit My Husband Says' post, where I said I was going to ask around for all the funny things other people's partners had said - well, let's just say it never happened. 

Fear not though as I have a whole back log of tantalising tidbits from the past month or so waiting to be shared with you guys. 

Here goes...

Shit My Husband Says - Life in Excess Blog

Shit My Husband Says - Life in Excess Blog

After hearing about a competition on the radio to meet Nikki Minaj "Could you imagine having to meet Nikki Minaj? I couldn't think of anything worse. Honestly, I think I'd rather meet Hitler."

"Women are crazy. I think if we ever split up I'll just be gay. It'll be easier I think." Because I'm pretty certain that's how it works...

Me - "You're so lucky having short hair. You don't have to deal with it blowing in your face."

Scott - "Well I suppose you could always wear a hair net or a swimming cap."

Damn, why didn't I think of that!

"It's too dark to get decent photos. We should have brought the DSL. (Awkward glance from me) Errrm.. R?"

In reference to one of our holiday pictures - "You should Photoshop a fish into that photo of me coming out of the sea. Like, so it looks like I'm handling a beast of the ocean."

*Weird groaning noise as we're waiting for the lift* "Oh, it's a child. I thought it was the door!" 

After dipping a chocolate brownie into a pink chocolate fountain:

Me - "How does it taste?"

Scott - "Like bleach!"

I think I'll pass then.

"I need to poo-rinate" There are just no words.

Whilst watching The Walking Dead season finale - "this is tenser than a bum hole with an elastic band in it!" Speaking from experience are we?

In shock at our puppy chewing a chunk of plaster off the wall - "It must be really shit plaster. Like PVC glue." Is that the same as PVA or are we talking glue in sexy rubbers?

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