Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Tooth

The other day I found a tooth in my rug.

Daisy looked at me with a beady eye and so we came to the conclusion that it was hers. She's entered into what is most definitely the, 'teething phase' although I'm convinced said phase has been ongoing since she joined us. 

The missing chunk of plaster on our bedroom wall can vouch for this. As can our shredded door frame and aggressively gnawed fingers. 

She be but small and fierce - or something like that. 

Life in Excess Blog - Daisy Shih Tzu Puppy

Scott didn't realise that puppies have milk teeth like babies and so was naturally horrified - and then a little bit in awe of the tiny molar that had embedded itself into the palm of my hand, mid plank.

Yes, I plank on my rug. Needs must and all. 

*Summer bod here I come*

I digress.

So the question is, what to do with your puppies first lost tooth?

Or at least the first lost tooth that we've found anyway. I dread to think where else these things are going to turn up!

I'm not sure putting it under her dog bed for a tooth fairy treat would work out as she spends more time with her bed over her head than she actually does sleeping in it. On a side not, her bed time scrambling routine (that you may have seen on Snapchat - 'effortlesslyexc' aherm, just a small plug) has subsided somewhat. I'm pretty sad about it. I enjoyed watching her flail around until she found the spot that was, 'just right' you know, like Goldilocks but without the bears and porridge.

I also don't want to just throw her tooth away. I mean, it's an awkward corridor meeting when you bump into your neighbour, en route to the bin chute, with a tiny child-sized molar clenched in your fist, isn't it? Obviously hypothetically speaking because we all know bin duties are a man's job

Anyway, it's a bit weird.

But I guess so is keeping it. Which I'm sure most of you are going to be like, love... it's way creepier than just weird before judging me ever so slightly for even suggesting it but I am considering housing it in a jar until it feels right to part ways.

I am literally the bone collector - but with teeth.

Is it weird? Am I weird?

What do I do with this damn tooth?

P.S. She lost another tiddly front tooth last night and before I could figure out what to do about it, she swallowed it. Girl's a natural problem solver. 

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