Friday, 13 May 2016

5 Bad Beauty Blogger Confessions

Friday the 13th everyone. Whether you're superstitious or not, I always feel like my brain makes a metal note every time this date rolls around, like it's just thinking, 'Yep, it's that day again!'  

Scott's sister and her friend flew into Abu Dhabi last night as the first leg of their travels. We're heading out to the Bubbalicious brunch today at the Westin. It's one of my faves and a great one to take guests along to. Long story short, I'm currently nursing a cocktail and praying to the powers above that I don't somehow end up on karaoke this time. 

Yes, for those that follow me on Snapchat - I do apologise for last weekend's shennanigans.

Anyway, I digress.

This post is about beauty and basically one where I confess five things that make me a bad beauty blogger. Hold onto your knickers because there's some corkers.

5 bad Beauty Blogger Confessions

1. I've never used an Urban Decay eye shadow, nor do I own any of the Naked palettes. That's right, if that isn't enough to cause mass sharp inhalations, then I don't know what is. Am I beauty-ing wrong?

2. I've given up photographing products before I use them. Okay, sometimes I do if I'm being really good but most of the time I can't be arsed/just want to rip the damn package open and slap it on my face. 

3. I don't use an eye shadow primer - pretty much ever. Arghh, I know, I know... what am I playing at?! The reality is I'm lazy and an eye primer seems like a faff. Convince me otherwise guys.

4. I use make up remover wipes. Yes, I do. If I've got a face full on, I'll pretty much always go in with a make up remover wipe first before cracking on with the whole cleansing process. 

5. I have been known to paint over old, grotty, chipped nail varnish rather than remove and re-apply. Judge as you will - it happens!

Right, over to you. 'Fess up, what are your 5 Bad Beauty Confessions? Do you have any toe-curling habits or are there any cult beauty brands that you've never been interested in? Spill all in the comments below. 

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