Friday, 27 May 2016

5 Instagram Accounts To Follow

Ahh, Instagram. The social media platform that many of us love to hate. Yes, trying to gain new followers is harder than trying to carve diamonds out of sesame seeds but I'm a sucker for a crisp, white background and a food-based flatlay. 

With that in mind, I really wanted to give you a peek at some of the gorgeous accounts that I love following on Instagram, in the spirit of sharing the love and also in the hope that you may find some fab, new accounts to follow. 

Elisabeth Rilatt 

5 Instagram Accounts To Follow - Elisabeth Rilatt Instagram

So, enviable bag and shoe collection to one side, Elisabeth's Instagram account is major #goals. Her images are beautiful, clean and cohesive. Definitely what Instagram theme dreams are made of. Her blog is also one of my faves. 


5 Instagram Accounts To Follow - Through The Mirror Instagram

Caitlin from Through The Mirror blog is another girl with an enviable Instagram account. Her feed consists of beautiful flatlays and various images of the make up that she reviews over on her blog. She's also a Northern girl, and we all know how great they are! *aherm*

Clothes and Quotes Blog

5 Instagram Accounts To Follow - Clothes and Quotes Blog Instagram

Shannon is a fashion blogger from the U.S. Her style is everything that I aspire to. Effortless and chic, as is her Instagram feed, packed full of Pinterest-worthy outfit shots. She deserves 10x the number of followers that she currently has, easily. 

Liza Tait Bailey

5 Instagram Accounts To Follow - Liza Tait Bailey Instagram

I came across Liza's social media as she was living in Abu Dhabi just before I moved here. She's currently traveling, having spent time in Ghana and more recently Amsterdam. Not only do her pictures put a smile on my face, she seems like a genuinely lovely girl and a great person to have on your feed. 


5 Instagram Accounts To Follow - Livvrh Instagram

Liv has a great, all-round Instagram account. She posts about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, and her images are always well composed, bright and interesting. Also, she's an absolute beaut with make up skills to sell your soul for. 

Let me know who your favourite Instagrammers are in the comment section below as I'm always looking for fab accounts to follow. Do you follow any of the lovely ladies above? If not, make sure you head on over to Instagram to stalk their feeds. 


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