Friday, 6 May 2016

Facebook Lies

I've failed miserably at blogging this week. 

Thankfully, I had posts scheduled as it has been a total write off in terms of operating on any level of productiveness. This week has consisted mostly of me sitting, staring at my screen and taking photos of my puppy. Not that I'm not okay with having the occasional brain fart day, but this has gone on for too long and I'm now starting to have real concerns that I've either:

A) Received a brain injury from the unfathomable amount of alcohol I consumed last weekend.


B) I used up every last drop of my creative juices.

I'm not entirely sure which outcome I favour.

Loosely related image which has no real relevance to what I'm talking about

In other news, I've had a few more 'funny' search terms for my blog so I thought I'd whack them up for you to mull over. 

I'm not sure what 'fuck paid share buttons' are but I'm pretty certain I don't want them. The hooker lipstick on the other hand...

Last Friday, Scott decided to put it on Facebook that I was sick on our dog. A complete untruth and totally falsified but a lie in which everyone was very quick to believe. Make of that what you will. The 'sick' in which he was referring to was a chewed up piece of Dentastix that she'd obviously bedded down with, resulting in it knotting into her hair. 

She's a girl after my own heart, but just for the record, sick on our dog I was not.

Although, given Daisy's behaviour lately, I wouldn't feel totally bad if I'd choked up a bit of last night's pizza on her. She peed on my floor twice the other day - blatantly so, as she then trotted over to the puppy pad (where she's supposed to pee if needs be) and gave me this smug, bitch face. She's also channeling a bit of a Gandalf vibe at the moment too because she's overdue a haircut and her 'brows' are pretty much down to her chin. The argument between Scott and I over whether or not to put a bow in her hair is still continuing. I had a small victory the other day in buying her a new, pink harness for walkies so I'll perhaps have to revisit this at a later date.

Anyway, if you've made it this far, congratulations on allowing me to waste 3/4 minutes of your life on pointless waffle. Right now, (depending on when you're reading this) I'm floating around Dubai somewhere, brunching with friends. There's a pretty high chance I don't even know my own name so if you leave a nice comment, be sure that I'll probably see it, several glasses of wine into the weekend and depending on how nice you are, will likely shed a little tear. 

Hope you're having a good one! 

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