Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May Favourites

It's monthly favourites time again and this month's installment will be a little different from the ones that have gone before it. It won't consist purely of make up. In part because there have been some pretty random things that I've been loving this month, but also because I haven't really been using anything new throughout May.

I'll save you the chit chat as there's a lot to tell you about so we'll just jump right in.

May Favourites - Life in Excess Blog
May Favourites - Life in Excess Blog, ALDO LAFERTY bag
May Favourites - Life in Excess Blog, Maybelline On and On Bronze Swatch, Inglot 154 AMC Shine swatch, MAC Soft & Gentle Swatch

Beauty bits first. I've been fixated with an eye combo this month. The Maybelline Color Tattoo in 35 - On and On Bronze with Inglot's 154 AMC Shine eye shadow over the top. I love them both individually but there's something magical about these paired together, as you can see from my swatches. The Color Tattoo is a cream formula and one of the better drug store shadows that I've tried. The Inglot shadow is a couple of shades lighter and the shimmer really intensifies over the cream and comes off as a lovely metallic, rose gold. 

Sticking in the similar colour vein, I've found myself reaching for MAC Soft and Gentle a lot over this month. It's one of those classic highlighting shades that receives a lot of praise from fellow beauty bloggers. It's a beautiful champagne shimmer which pairs really well with the bronzed eye make up that I've been loving. (Review)

Towards the middle to end of this month, I purchased the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads. I think I'd like to try them for a little while longer before giving my definitive review of them but so far so good. I've been using them daily for the last couple of weeks and I find they've really helped clear up some of the texture that I'd developed on my forehead and around my temples/ cheekbones. I think Nip + Fab are such a fantastic, reasonably-priced brand and I'll be continuing to use these right through the upcoming month. (More Nip + Fab reviews here and here

Okay, onto non-beauty loves now. 

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have likely already seen several pictures of this bag but I had to include it in my monthly favourites as it's pretty much all I've been using. It's the Laferty Midnight Black bag from Aldo. I have been looking for the perfect bucket bag for ages and when I spotted this in store, I knew I had to buy it. The size is ideal for both day and evening wear. It's not too big nor too small. It fits a multitude of junk inside and the gold detailing and tassles keep it from looking uninteresting. You can switch up the straps from a small hand held position to a larger strap for throwing over your shoulder. I couldn't recommend this bag more. I absolutely love it. 

I'm not much of a TV series person but Scott and I have been hooked on watching The Blacklist on Netflix, this month. It's about an international, most-wanted criminal who turns FBI informant to help a forensic profiler, Elizabeth Keen, along with a task force, to catch some of the world's most prolific criminals. There's 20 or so episodes in the first series, which is available on Netflix, (series 2 and 3 we had to find online.) There's a great, underlying plot to this series and although the acting isn't great in the first handful of episodes, it really does improve massively, so it's worth sticking with. There's so many twists and turns with bumps along the road, it's a worth wile watch. Just don't blame me once you're hooked. 

Finally, if my love for Sia wasn't already enough, I have been listening to her song, Cheap Thrills featuring Sean Paul, all month long and I have firmly declared it as my Summer jam. Yes, I'm a little premature but I've been blasting it out pretty much every day and I'm not even remotely tired of it yet. 

What have you been loving throughout May? Do you have any non-beauty faves that you're currently obsessing over or have you tried any of the beauty bits that I've featured this month? Leave me your thoughts in the comments box below. 

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