Monday, 27 June 2016

Bath & Body Works Hawaiian Summer Collection

I love Bath and Body Works and I love Summer, so when they reached out to me to sample some of their Hawaiian Summer collection, I practically snatched their hands off. 
My love for Bath and Body Works candles is no secret. I have a cupboard dedicated to the cause. They are the most scented on the market, in my experience and one candle is enough to leave your entire home smelling fabulous, but I have never thought to dabble in their bodycare. 

Boy, was I wrong.

Bath & Body Works Hawaiian Summer Collection, Life in Excess Blog

There are several fragrance options in the Hawaiian Summer collection, with products ranging from fresh body mists to lotions and hand soaps - all with a tropical element to them, bright, Summery packaging and fun, Hawaiian-themed names.

The Tiki Mango Mai Tai Body Mist smells divine. It's a fruity mix of mango nectar, sun-kissed grapefruit, mandarin and pineapple. My initial thoughts were that this may come across too sweet as a wearable scent but the citrus notes help to balance it out. Another thing that surprised me was how long this body mist wears for. My past experience with mists is that they are a fleeting fancy - fine after first spritz but gone within the hour. This was still noticeably present after four to five hours of wear, which earns it a huge thumbs up from me. 

I also received the Honolulu Sun Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel which has pina colada vibes written all over it. It's a tropical island burst of creamy coconut (one of my favourite Summer scents), Pacific palm, pink passionfruit and white sand musk. This is, at a pinch, my favourite scent of the two. It takes me right back to Summer holidays. The shower gel performs well, lathers nicely and again, has a long-lasting scent that is noticeable on the skin, long after rinsing. 

I think Scott's going to have to hold me back from running into my local store and snapping up the rest of the Hawaiian collection. 

If you're off on your jollies or looking for some tropical, Summer skincare to inject into your beauty routine, look no further. 

Have you tried any of the Bath and Body Works Hawaiian collection or are there any particular products/fragrances that you'd recommend for me to try out. I'm already giving the Waikiki Beach Coconut Body Mist some serious side eyes. 
*I was sent these products for review but as always, opinions are completely my own. If I didn't love, I wouldn't rave about it. 

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