Friday, 24 June 2016

Husband Appreciation

Flowers from the hubster.

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After almost seven long weeks of hammering and drilling coming from the apartment below, I finally broke down and sobbed at my husband over the phone. And by sobbed I mean, screamed profanities, declared that I was going to need to either move into a hotel or return to the U.K. until the work was finished, and finally broke down in tears like the sane and rational woman I am. 

He was silent, and then supportive and came home to tell me he'd go and shout at the work men if it would make me feel better. It's the small things that remind me why I married him - and the fact that he doesn't judge me when I go a little Britney. 

In other note-worthy news, I have started using a new Snapchat account. I was previously snap-ranting under my old blog name, 'effortlesslyexc' but after much contemplation, I decided to open a new account, so you can now find me over at 'life-inexcess' where I'll no doubt continue to post cute puppy snaps and occasionally speak make up. 

Speaking of puppies, Daisy has entered a weird sexual phase which means she's now humping her bed every so often - usually on the sly and looking slightly sheepish. Now, I'm a girl that loves her bed and I can almost relate to the sentiment behind her bed-bonking, but it's disturbing nevertheless and I'm hoping the fact she's getting spayed soon will suppress her womanly desires. 

Whoever said this pet ownership lark was easy, lied. 

Finally, I'm dieting - again, and I've hit the stage where I'm permanently hungry/dreaming about food. I've been using the My Fitness Pal app, (which I had quite a lot of success with before my wedding) but then I spend five minutes scrolling Pinterest burgers and end up in the kitchen with my hand in a bag of sour cream quinoa chips. I mean, you could still call that trying, right?

If somebody could just invent zero calorie pizza then my life would be made. 

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