Monday, 6 June 2016

The Mystery Folder

A really shitty thing happened to me the other week and I'm just over it enough to sit down at my laptop and write about it.

I accidentally deleted all of my iPhone notes. 

Well, apart from some random folder that I didn't know I had which contains the following:

- The title of a book I intended to buy several months ago.

- An email address.

- Pet name ideas for animals I don't own.

and rather embarrassingly,

- A massive Pizza Hut order. 

They say you should never judge someone by the contents of their iPhone, (or at least this should be a saying in my view) but I feel like this folder has successfully summed up my entire existence in a handful of sentences. 

That aside, the real tragedy in this date loss episode is the heart-wrenching realisation that I've lost several unpublished blog posts to the iCloud black hole. Okay, heart-wrenching is probably a touch melodramatic but therein lied several sleepless night's worth of musings and ramblings - one just cannot recreate the great parenting debate that you have with yourself at 2am to quite the same effect when well rested. 

I could maybe get shouty about babies after a bottle of New Zealand's finest but I doubt anyone would stick around to read it, least of all actually relate to anything I say. 

I think I'm about to make a bold statement here, and I'm not sure if it's the sense of loss talking or the fact that I'm just about done with technology today but...

I think I really hate my iPhone.

The memories of losing three years worth of photographs just before my wedding day are still very much present, and most certainly no where near being forgotten. And now this.

I feel like my iPhone has become about as reliable as my high school boyfriend. 

So what's my future? 

I speak Nokia 3210, I'm not even sure I used iCloud in the right context above and don't even ask me what an Android is. 

Am I condemned to a life where I'm actually going to have to start 'backing things up' or is there a better alternative waiting for me out there? 

Portable communication device suggestions anyone? 

*Must have crying laugh face and poo emoji. 

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