Friday, 8 July 2016

Gold, Sparkly Shoes

I bought new shoes... and, well... look at them!!

Nine West Green Tea Gold Sandals, Life in Excess Blog
Nine West Green Tea Gold Sandals, Life in Excess Blog

Are they not the most fabulous, inspiring, most wonderful things your eyes ever did see? If you answered no then I suggest you pour yourself a large glass of something that makes you extremely happy before taking a second look.

I mean, come on... they're gold and glittery. Is there really anything more you could want? 

In addition to being Christmas for your feet, they are also borderline orthopedic. If you take orthopedic in the sense that the heel is itty bitty and won't send the balls of your feet to the burning depths of hell after an hour's wear, plus the chunky, block heel 100% falls into the sensible shoe category. 

I've been saving them for brunch, ('cause Ramadan is almost over is probably over by the time this is published and that means all the food and drink) unless you count the numerous times I have been prancing around my apartment in them. 

I love them - in the emotional, mushy kind of way and have even considered buying a back up pair - much to my husband's dismay.

I found these beauties at the Nine West store in Abu Dhabi Mall. They were part of a promo offer and I managed to snag 100 Dirhams off the price - result! The style is called, 'Green Tea' and whilst I haven't been able to find the gold on either of the UK or the US sites, they have them in black and beige here

Let me know what you think of glittery shoes - yay or nay?! 

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