Friday, 1 July 2016

Life Through A Lens 2016 #6

Happy July... and I say happy because it's Summer now, right? And that means ice cream and other wonderful things like stepping outside and becoming instantly drenched in a mixture of humidity and perspiration. 

Well, unless you're in the UK. Ermm, good luck with that! 

Okay, I kid. I've actually been craving some cooler weather this month. I broke out these images from my time in Finland and found myself pining for snow. I know.. SNOW!

Anyway, let's have a look at what I got up to in June.

Life Through A Lens June 2016 - Life in Excess Blog

Life Through A Lens June 2016 - Life in Excess Blog

Life Through A Lens June 2016 - Life in Excess Blog

Life Through A Lens June 2016 - Life in Excess Blog

Life Through A Lens June 2016 - Life in Excess Blog

My dad and brother were in Abu Dhabi during the first few days of June and to round off their trip, we went on a desert safari tour. You can read all about what we got up to here

After a busy May, we decided to start a new, higher intensity training schedule through June in order to get in shape for the Summer months. One of the worst parts of our training is the stair climb in which we scale the 62 flights of stairs in our apartment building - a lot harder than it sounds, trust me! 

Scott and I also attended our first Iftar with friends. We sampled the Iftar buffet at The Foundry in The Southern Sun Hotel. There was only a small selection of food on offer but we enjoyed our meal nevertheless. 

In other food news, we were invited to The Sportsman's Arms gastro-pub to sample their Family Brunch. (You can read my review here.) After feeling a touch homesick, it was nice to eat some pub grub/comfort food - even if I did have to unbutton my jeans in the taxi ride home!

Scott and also took a mini break to Ras Al Khaimah, one of the Emirates north of Dubai. We met up with our friends and had a relaxing weekend at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, drinking cocktails and lounging by the pool. It took us around three hours to drive over from Abu Dhabi but it was great to get out of the city and relax in the Waldorf's stunning surroundings. I highly recommend the hotel if you're in or around the UAE as it is so grand and the facilities are excellent. 

On Tuesday, Daisy went to the vets to have her spay surgery and has been recovering at home ever since. I didn't sleep that entire night and following day as she cried constantly - it was heartbreaking. A few days later though and she's almost back to her chirpy self. Following me around the apartment and wagging her tail at the mention of sausages. I just want to say a quick thank you again to everyone that sent me well wishes for Daisy - it really does mean a lot. 

Last but not least, and I swear I'll shut up afterwards, I created a new Instagram account to share all of my foodie snaps from Abu Dhabi, so if you're UAE-based or just love ALL THE FOOD, make sure you check it out at 'abudhabieats_

And that is me. I hope your June was a good one and that July has lots of excitement in store. Let me know what you've been up to recently or if you've any plans for July. Summer holiday season is approaching - make me jealous!!  

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