Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Shit My Husband Says #10

Hold onto your knickers because it's that time again...

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Me: "We should come away for the weekend more often. It's nice." 

Leans in for a kiss

Scott: "Your nose is cold." 

*Sigh*  Welcome to married life kids!

Whilst running around a forest in a dark, creepy, murder mystery game.

Scott: "It kinda reminds me of Finland."

Scott: "You're my special wife."

Me: Gives sidewards glance

Scott: "You're one of several others though

Me: Punches him on the arm

Scott: "I'm just kidding babe, I'm not a bigot!"


Scott: "Wait, that's not the right word is it?"

Me: "Bigamist?"

Scott: "That's the one."

Scott: "That girl... she looks... she looks like a Pokemon!" 

I don't even remember the circumstances around this one but it was before the world went crazy for Pokemon Go. Maybe it was a premonition? 

Me: Eyeing up a plain blue dress in Zara. "Is this dress boring?"

Scott: "Well, I just about fell asleep looking at it."

Playing a board game where one of the questions was, 'Name popular Disney songs.'

Scott: "Away in a manger?" 

I despair. 

Let me know if your other half has said anything daft this month or if you've overheard anyone saying anything hilarious lately. 

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