Monday, 29 August 2016

August Favourites

Today we're talking Monthly Favourites.

Monthly Favourites posts are definitely up there with my most favourite posts to write. I really enjoy picking out the products I've been loving all month and they're some of my favourite kind of posts to read too, although the number of times I've used the word, 'favourites' in this intro is making my head spin.

Shall we just cut to the chase?

August Favourites - Life in Excess Blog
August Favourites - Life in Excess Blog

CARMEX Moisture Plus Lip Balm Peach Sheer Tint - Not the most exciting of products but it won a place in my favourites due to the fact that it imparts a lovely, subtle, peach tint, (I don't love a heavily pigmented lip balm) it's moisturising and it contains an SPF, which is handy when you live in a desert. Plus, I've been using it a tonne since I bought it at the start of the month. 

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster - I was convinced I'd already reviewed these self-tanner drops on my blog but it turns out I haven't - whuuut! I have raved about this custom face tanner to everyone that will listen. You mix a couple of drops, depending on how much of a glow you want, in with your regular moisturiser and apply it to your face to give the most natural-looking, flawless glow. I've done more sunbathing than usual since my family have been over visiting, however I tend to keep my face out of the sun so a self tanner is essential to keep things looking even. 

Sephora Sleeping Masks - These made an appearance on my latest Beauty and Skincare Wishlist, and it was actually my hubby who surprised me with a couple of these to try when I returned from my trip to the UK. So far, I've only tried the Pearl Perfecting and Brightening Mask but I absolutely loved it. There was enough product for me to use this generously, four/five times and it left my skin feeling super soft and radiant in the morning. I've grabbed more to try whilst I was shopping in Dubai and I plan on writing a full review once I've sampled more of the range. For first impressions though - these are excellent! 

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum - As I'm approaching 30, wrinkle-fear has well and truly set in and I've been hoarding anti-aging products like a squirrel preparing for Winter. One that I've seen great reviews for, time and time again, is the Protect and Perfect range from No7. I purchased the Advanced Serum, (there is an original, lighter serum which is probably more suited to my age but I impulse-grabbed) and I've been using it pretty much every day since. It reminds me of a silicone primer and seems to smooth out the skin when you apply. I'm almost 3 weeks in and I definitely feel like my skin looks and feels healthier. 

Balmain Silk Perfume - I've been using this hair product for ages and there isn't a single thing I don't like about it. It contains silk protein, infused with pure, organic Argan oil which leaves hair feeling nourished and soft. I use it on towel-dried hair as a leave in conditioner and it makes brushing through your hair much easier. You can also use it on dry hair as a boost of shine. A little goes a long way - 2/3 squirts is all you need. Plus, it smells really good! If you have dry, damaged hair, I definitely recommend trying this out. 

Which beauty products have you been loving this month? Have you tried anything I've mentioned here - if so, what are your thoughts? Leave me your comments below. 

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