Monday, 1 August 2016

Life Through A Lens 2016 #7

Oh July. Where do we even begin?

So this month has been the calm before the storm that is our friends and family arriving for pretty much the entire of August. And by calm I mean unproductive as this month I was hit by a shit tonne of, 'I hate my blog and have no direction in life' emotions which I attempted to summarise in this post here.

Life Through A Lens July / Life in Excess Blog
Life Through A Lens July / Life in Excess Blog
Life Through A Lens July / Life in Excess Blog
Life Through A Lens July / Life in Excess Blog

It started well. Scott and I had another excellent date night at one of our favourite restaurants, Zuma. (Full review) And by definition of excellent, I mean we stuffed ourselves with so much food and alcohol that we had to dash home to apply PJs and fester on the couch. Sexy.

I also handled a falcon which no, isn't a euphemism. One minute I was casually minding my own business in the mall, trying to resit the urge to bust a gut in Sephora and the next I'm tethered to a feathery creature which I'm 200% sure wanted to peck my face.

Mid July, Scott and I were invited to a carnival night at Asia De Cuba where we drank Cuban-style cocktails and witnessed a man banging his bongos. Oo-er. Throw in a couple of scantily-clad dancers and you've got yourself a party! It was our first time visiting the venue but I hear their Friday Brunch is one to try.

Speaking of brunch, we also attended one of my fave Friday brunches in the city - The Bubbalicious Brunch at the Westin Hotel. Although it's safe to say I was tucked up in bed by 8pm after having cried about terrorism and then spewing in my hair. But we'll just gloss over that last part. 

Sticking with the theme of drinking too much. I'm really spoiling you this month aren't I? My friend Lindsey (from Arabian Notes blog) and I had a wine-tasting date night at the Rosewood Hotel. We were the only people to arrive early for pre wine tasting drinks, because why not? Although, next day day hungover me would probably have said otherwise. You only live once though, right?

And that concludes my 'quiet' month, which in all actuality, sounds way more interesting than originally thought. Or maybe I just need to drink less? Anyway, I hope July was a great one for you too. Here's to a busy August!

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