Friday, 14 October 2016

Autumn Style - What I'm Packing For My Trip To The UK

This time next week, I'll be home in the UK and I have a mixed bag of feelings about it. More than anything, I'm absofricking out of my mind with excitement, not only to catch up with family and friends, but also for simple things like eating a pub lunch, hitting the high street and seeing CHRISTMAS springing up everywhere! - Too soon? 

What makes me nervous is the weather. We're spending five days in my home town near Manchester and then we're trekking up to chilly Scotland to spend the rest of our time in Edinburgh, where we'll see Scott's family and attend a friend's wedding. After having spent the majority of the last twelve months in perpetual sunshine and temperatures that never skim much below 20 degrees, it's fair to say that I'm on edge about it. 

I'm definitely going all out and packing with the expectation that it's going to be bloody freezing.

Autumn Style - What I'm Packing For My Trip To The UK

Autumn Style - What I'm Packing For My Trip To The UK

Aldo Tan Booties - I'm still not sure how I feel about the word 'booties' but I grabbed these in the Aldo sale last year and I feel like they're perfect Autumnal footwear. Yea, I'll probably get frostbite in my toes but hey, a girl's gotta do...

The green Tartan Scarf is so vintage Zara that it's possible to be considered as a relic. I love it though and the huge, blanket size means that it's perfect for wrapping up and keeping warm in. 

Also from Zara is the Woolly Knit Hat that I stole from Scott. It's from the men's department but I claimed it for myself when we were living in Finland as woolly hats were pretty much a way of life. I like that this is a bigger, more slouchy fit on me as smaller, tight-fitting hats tend to give me the ol' dreaded 'pea-head!' 

Autumn Style - What I'm Packing For My Trip To The UK

Dune Leopard Print Clutch Bag - My love for this bag is well documented but there's something about leopard print and Autumn that I'm happy to get on board with. 

This wool-blend, Camel Coat from Mango is one of my favourite outerwear purchases of all time. It's such a classic, easy to wear style and fit. It's not too warm so layers nicely with other pieces such as knitted jumpers and I just feel that this pairs well with everything from blue jeans and a white shirt, to ...

this Stripy Zara Shirt Dress paired with tights. Both of these items work perfectly together however I also think that the dress worn underneath a chunky knit with a pair of black tights and Chelsea boots is another way I'll be wearing it when I'm back in the UK. 

Autumn Style - What I'm Packing For My Trip To The UK

Have you started to switch up your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter? Are there any items of clothing in particular that you love to wear at this time of year or do you have your eye on anything to invest in for the season? At the top of my list are embroidered jeans and a cameo jacket.


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