Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Black Friday ASOS Haul

Guess whose Black Friday ASOS order finally arrived? 

It feels like ages since I got a delivery from ASOS so I thought it would be nice to share with you guys what I bought. I've been having a bit of a semi-mid life, wardrobe crisis recently whereby I try to put an outfit together, hate everything I own, crumple in a heap and vow that future me will try to shop more sensibly - I mean, why did I ever think I would need pink and purple, snakeskin print fitted trousers? 


Anyway, let's crack on shall we?

ASOS Haul - Dune Micro Pom Pom Bag
Dune Quilted Micro Pom Pom Bag in Blush 

Okay, I confess. This bag is highly impractical - I mean, it's tiny. I can just about squeeze my iPhone 6 in it and there's enough room left over for cash, keys and a lipstick... the essentials, but that's about it. I won't lie, the pom pom swung it for me - and the colour, it's such a lovely nude/pink, which, in my quest to streamline my wardrobe, is one of the colours that I've chosen for my 'palette.' Yes, I sound like I have lost my mind!

Speaking of which...

ASOS Haul - ASOS Joni Glitter Espadrilles
ASOS Joni Espadrille Sandals

When I pulled these out of the bag, my husband shot me a despairing look. I know what you're thinking, these are properly ugly - and I would have agreed with you at first but once I put them on I felt a little bit like a princess. They're also much more wearable and flattering than you'd expect, (although totally impractical for the current season.) so I don't feel bad about holding onto them. Expect to see way more of these in about four month's time. 

Sticking with shoes, I bought some basic b**** flats from New Look:

ASOS Haul - New Look Leopard Ballet Flats
New Look Leopard Print Ballet Flats

I wanted an inexpensive pair of flats to wear day to day when I'm doing super glamourous things like food shopping and walking the dog, and what better way to do it than in leopard print! 

Finally, I bought a bunch of ASOS branded, basic tops that are super boring to photograph but I stocked up on black and white vest tops and a black, high-necked body. 

ASOS Haul - ASOS Turtle Neck Ribbed Body in Black

Have you bought anything from ASOS recently? 

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