Friday, 9 December 2016

Festive Candles From Bath & Body Works

I've been buying more candles guys!

I managed to resist the Bath & Body Works Christmas stock for a good couple of weeks but I finally caved when I saw that they had a, 'buy three, get three free' offer on. (I'm pretty sure there's always a promotion of some sort going on in Bath & Body Works and suckers like me are always falling for them!)

Anyhoo, since our Christmas tree is finally up and things are starting to get a whole load more festive around 'Excess Towers, I thought it only right that I go cray with the candles. 

Bath & Body Works Christmas Candles Review 2016
Bath & Body Works Christmas Candles Review 2016
Bath & Body Works Christmas Candles Review 2016
Bath & Body Works Christmas Candles Review 2016
Bath & Body Works Christmas Candles Review 2016

Before we get into the candles themselves, can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging? I love the more traditional Christmas designs that Bath & Body Works went for with these single-wick candles. 

The scents that I opted for were:

Tis the Season - This is Christmas in a candle. The overriding scent is cinnamon but there is a subtle fruity, apple note to it too. This is my absolute favourite and I'm actually saving this one to burn on Christmas Day. 

Twisted Peppermint - I had this in the three-wick candle last year and absolutely adored it so I had to pick it up again this time. It smells like candy canes, which if you're into your minty scents, you'll love. Last year I used to burn this alongside my Merry Cookie candle and I loved how the pair worked together. This is a must-have for me. 

Frosted Cranberry - This is probably the least 'festive-smelling' out of the four here, but still a really lovely scent. It's fruity, (cranberry and apple notes) and I could imagine burning this at any time of the year. If you're not into your traditional warm, Christmas scents, then this would be a nice one to try.

Evergreen - With the scent of fir needles, cedarwood and sweet evergreen sap, this is a Christmas tree in candle-form. We have a real tree this year and I love the way it smells in our home, but for anyone that is unable to have one, this candle would be perfect to fake the 'real tree' scent. 

I also bought two Warm Apple Pie candles which technically aren't Christmas candles, but smell insane! For a sweet fragrance, they're more subtle than other 'baked goods' scented candles that I own but are still absolutely delicious. 

A quick word on the single-wick candles, this is the first time that I opted for single wicks over the three-wick candles and I have a few thoughts:

- Of course, the single-wick candles are cheaper and seeing as I have quite a lot of the three-wick candles to get through, (and the window for burning Christmas candles is quite short) these seemed like the perfect size. 

- There's quite a noticeable difference in how much fragrance these give off. The three-wick candles fill a room very quickly and give off quite a strong scent. The single-wick candles are way more subtle and because of that, I find myself burning these for much longer. 

I like having all the different scents to choose from but in my opinion, I much prefer the three-wicks as I like a stronger scent, so if you're umming and ahhing over sizes and you're able to buy the three-wick, I'd definitely recommend sizing up. 

Do you have any favourite Christmas candles that you like to burn at this time of year? Also, (for those that celebrate) does anyone else have their Christmas tree up yet? I loved decorating our home this year! 


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