Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Christmas Jumper

Yes, I'm the kind of person that unashamedly dresses their dog in a reindeer Christmas jumper. 

And I'm not going to lie, I don't feel even the slightest bit guilty about it. 

The Christmas Jumper - Life in Excess Blog

When I dragged my husband to Pets At Home and insisted that we buy Daisy this jumper, he rolled his eyes at me in a way that meant, 'you're becoming increasingly harder to love' and resigned himself to reading the sport on his phone whilst I loaded my basket with Christmas pudding dog treats and a jolly-looking chew-able Santa, (which is her favourite, by the way!)

I also bought her a doggy advent calendar because if you're going to look like a crazy dog lady, you might as well go the whole hog. 


Like her owner, it turns out that Daisy is quite partial to a fashionable accessory - except the first 'try-on' didn't go as well as anticipated, and after a considerable amount of bribery with chicken and turkey chews, the closest we got was when she snatched the offending item in her jaws and ran, 'F. you' circles around the living room. However, that's a minor detail as she's now a Christmas jumper pro. So much so that I may have gone out and bought her a Mrs Santa Clause dress to wear on Christmas day...

The Christmas Jumper - Life in Excess Blog

You'd better get used to it babe because this human is unstoppable! 


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