Monday, 27 February 2017

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Skincare Range Review

If there's one thing that always grabs my attention, it's skincare that promises to inject moisture back into my tired, dry, air conditioned within an inch of its life, skin. So, when I was sent some of Neutrogena's new, Hydro Boost range to try out, I was more than a little bit thrilled to give it a go. 

The Hydro Boost skincare line is designed to target dehydrated skin. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid to boost hydration, lock in moisture and leave skin feeling smooth and supple. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Skincare Range Review

Friday, 24 February 2017

My Entire Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick Collection - Swatched!

I've been to-ing and fro-ing over whether or not I should write this post. It's no secret, I've declared my love for Huda Beauty's Liquid Matte Lipsticks all across my blog and social media, despite my initial reservations, and as I recently came to add the 'Reds' and 'Pinks' mini sets to my collection, I thought that rather than waffle on for another two posts about each set individually, I'd just whack all of the shades I own on my arm and let them speak for themselves.

My Entire Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick Collection - Swatched! | Life in Excess Blog

A quick word on the mini sets before we get cracking. I think they're such a fantastic release and a great way to try several shades from the lipstick line. I initially purchased the 'Reds' set and then was very kindly gifted the 'Pinks' set by my lovely friend for my birthday. The sets are as follows:

Reds - Heartbreaker, Material Girl, Showgirl, Famous

My Entire Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick Collection - Swatched! | Life in Excess Blog

Pinks - Gossip Gurl, Trophy Wife, Icon, Socialite

My Entire Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick Collection - Swatched! | Life in Excess Blog

There's also a 'Nudes' and a 'Browns' set available. 

Okay, here we go. Shades from left to right:

My Entire Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick Collection - Swatched! | Life in Excess Blog

Venus - One of the very first shades that I bought, (and adore!). A warm, brown-toned nude.

Icon - A peachy/brown nude. It gives off a touch of KVD Lolita; although way less drying and more comfortable to wear. 

Socialite - I was so excited about this newly released, 'metallic' shade; however it doesn't apply well or look particularly flattering, (think crusty, chapped lips - yuk) It's a washy dirty pink shade with gold glitter running through it. I feel that this may be one to try over the top of a more pigmented liner or lipstick as on its own, it doesn't work at all.  

Gossip Gurl - This shade wasn't really on my radar but boy, was I wrong. This is hands-down, one of my favourite shades. It's such a wearable pink shade and one that has been getting a lot of love since I received it. 

Flirt - This is one of those 90's brown shades. When I swatched it in Sephora, I wasn't sure; however I'm really glad I decided to buy it as it makes for an alternative, statement lip that is actually rather flattering, and makes your teeth look white. #Priorities. 

Medusa - A dusty mauve that is very much one of those, 'trend' shades. I really like this colour when my skin is a little more tanned. I'd initially dismissed this shade as it looks more greige in the artwork on Huda's packaging; however it swatches with more of a purple undertone. 

Trophy Wife - I have this rosey/nude shade in both the full and mini sizes, plus the Lip Contour. That's what you call dedication! I actually haven't been reaching for this as often lately but I was committed over Autumn/Winter. 

Showgirl - Firstly, I need to get it out there that I absolutely love this shade. It's such a pretty, rose/red, metallic shade. Unlike Socialite, I really like how this one looks once applied. My only critique is that the metallic formulas are slightly thinner than her original matte line which means a couple of coats is essential. For Showgirl, it's worth the extra effort. 

Heartbreaker - A bright, Hollywood-style red. 

Famous - A deep, wine red. It's not a shade I'm reaching for right now but I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this when Autumn swings around again.

Material Girl - This is more of a purple, plum shade and one that I'll likely end up giving away as these kinds of shades really do nothing for me. I expect there will be some who are crazy for this shade, but for me, brighter purples just don't work well. 

If you're interested to read more about my thoughts on the Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks, i.e. how they wear and my thoughts on pigmentation, longevity etc. you can find my previous reviews here.

Let me know if you've tried the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks and what your thoughts are. Which shades are your favourites or are there any that you're dying to try? 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Current Beauty Favourites

I'm really getting back into the swing of blogging again after my recent, 'time off' from writing and I have some i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. beauty products to share with you. I haven't been spending as much on makeup over the last few months as I've been making more of a conscious effort to save up; however here's a few new, and old bits that I'm currently loving. 

Life in Excess Blog, Current Beauty Favourites

Monday, 6 February 2017

Miss Dior 'Absolutely Blooming' Fragrance Review

Confession: I rarely buy perfume. In fact, I hardly ever buy perfume, which is mostly due to the fact that I have amazing people in my life that keep me well stocked every Christmas and birthday. Hooray. However, I was willing to make an exception when I discovered the stunning new, 'Absolutely Blooming' fragrance from Dior. 

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Fragrance Review

Yes, the bottle had me at hello but incredibly pretty packaging to one side, I adored this perfume from first spritz. Dior describes it as follows:

'Bright and colourful, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is a floral delight you return to over and over. Its top notes of tangy Red Berry are joyful and striking. At its heart, a sublime duet of Grasse Roses and Damascus Roses embraces a sensuous Peony accord. This infinite blooming of fresh flowers is comforted in a base of White Musk notes.'

My unsophisticated nose would explain it as a fruity/floral mix with a hint of blackcurrant. It leans more on the fruity side than floral and I feel that if you typically avoid sweeter fragrances, you probably won't like this. That being said, it's a beautifully, feminine fragrance and the kind that I typically gravitate towards. I'm willing to hedge a bet that if you enjoy Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, you'll likely be a fan of Absolutely Blooming. 

It also wears really well. The eau de parfum is long-lasting and I don't find myself needing to reapply throughout the day, which is always a plus. 

Annnnd, that's about as technical as you're going to get from me. Perfume descriptions aren't my strong point but my love for this fragrance is enough that it at least warranted a try. 

Have you tried the Absolutely Blooming fragrance from Dior? If so, what are your thoughts? Does this sound like something you would enjoy. Also, let me know what your favourite scents are below - I always love a perfume recommendation. 

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Fragrance Review

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