Monday, 6 February 2017

Miss Dior 'Absolutely Blooming' Fragrance Review

Confession: I rarely buy perfume. In fact, I hardly ever buy perfume, which is mostly due to the fact that I have amazing people in my life that keep me well stocked every Christmas and birthday. Hooray. However, I was willing to make an exception when I discovered the stunning new, 'Absolutely Blooming' fragrance from Dior. 

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Fragrance Review

Yes, the bottle had me at hello but incredibly pretty packaging to one side, I adored this perfume from first spritz. Dior describes it as follows:

'Bright and colourful, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is a floral delight you return to over and over. Its top notes of tangy Red Berry are joyful and striking. At its heart, a sublime duet of Grasse Roses and Damascus Roses embraces a sensuous Peony accord. This infinite blooming of fresh flowers is comforted in a base of White Musk notes.'

My unsophisticated nose would explain it as a fruity/floral mix with a hint of blackcurrant. It leans more on the fruity side than floral and I feel that if you typically avoid sweeter fragrances, you probably won't like this. That being said, it's a beautifully, feminine fragrance and the kind that I typically gravitate towards. I'm willing to hedge a bet that if you enjoy Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, you'll likely be a fan of Absolutely Blooming. 

It also wears really well. The eau de parfum is long-lasting and I don't find myself needing to reapply throughout the day, which is always a plus. 

Annnnd, that's about as technical as you're going to get from me. Perfume descriptions aren't my strong point but my love for this fragrance is enough that it at least warranted a try. 

Have you tried the Absolutely Blooming fragrance from Dior? If so, what are your thoughts? Does this sound like something you would enjoy. Also, let me know what your favourite scents are below - I always love a perfume recommendation. 

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Fragrance Review


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