Thursday, 10 August 2017

Visiting The U.K. - My Trip Home

Are people still reading blogs?

It's been... *aherm* a while since I last wrote a post. I could come up with several lame excuses but the reality is, I just couldn't really be bothered sitting down at my laptop every day, trying to drum up content. I'm back though, and with a slew of posts ready to go, but I thought I'd kick off with a, 'Where I've been and what I've been up to' post. 

I spent the last 3 weeks in the U.K. The main purpose for the trip was to attend my friend's wedding but we managed to cram a whole bunch of stuff in whilst we were there. Grab a beverage, it's going to be a lengthy one!

Visiting The U.K. - My Trip Home - Life in Excess Blog

The Hen Party - Take 11 girls, one sex den inspired house and enough prosecco to make America great again. What do you get? C'mon guys, you know what happens on a hen party, stays on a hen party, but I will say this, 'getting your money's worth' cocktails, 6:30am bedtimes and breast pumps probably aren't the best combination... they sure do make the funniest memories though!

Life In Excess Blog - Hen Party Ideas

Family - No trip home would be a trip home without doing the family visiting rounds. My brother graduated this Summer so we went out to celebrate, (I had pie and wine, it was glorious!) My grandparents regaled Scott with tales of the war and chocolate biscuits and I finally met my Mum's puppy Nixon, the Boston Terrier with territorial bed issues to rival my own and an arse so ripe I'm positive I'm missing several layers of nasal epithelia. 

Scotland - I took was forced to take the train *shudders* up to Edinburgh to meet Scott when he'd finally decided to grace us with his presence and we spent a few days eating and drinking our way around the city with his family. We visited a kilt shop so bizarre that it must have fallen straight out of  Diagon Alley and the pages of a Harry Potter novel, and spent a small fortune in Tesco on Mini Eggs to bring back to Dubai but all of which I scoffed before even making it to the end of our trip. Sidenote: Cadbury, if you're listening, I'm less than thrilled that the new Mini Eggs are yellow. I need colourful variety in my life and monochromatic chocolate eggs fail to provide this. 

South Queensferry Scotland - Life in Excess Blog

Lake District - To break up the drive between Edinburgh and my home town, we decided to stay at a The Daffodil, a Lake District hotel in the picturesque village of Grasmere. The hotel was beautiful but the service... I'll put it this way, if you freeze-dried excrement and decorated it with discarded chewing gum, it would probably invoke more pleasant feelings. As is mandatory in the Lake District, we walked, took lots of scenery pictures and tried our best not to drown in the unearthly quantity of water that was bucketed out of the sky. 

Grasmere Village, Lake District - Life in Excess Blog

Afternoon Tea at The Daffodil Hotel Grasmere, Life in Excess Blog

Grasmere Village Lake District - Life in Excess Blog

Rydal Lake Lake District - Life in Excess Blog

Shopping - No trip home would be complete without a shopping trip or ten, although I'm actually quite proud to say that I didn't do all that much. I hit Boots pretty hard, twice, although Scott someone probably Scott  managed to lose an entire bag, (£60's worth of stuff, sob) somewhere in Manchester. I bought a few basic tees from Zara, made an exciting purchase which I will reveal really soon, and acquired some false lashes that are either going to be life-changing or make me look like a washed up Drag race contestant. I'll keep you posted.

Red Topshop Crossbody Bag - Life in Excess Blog

Wedding - On a beautiful sunny day in Chester, I watched, well tried to watch through the tears, one of my best friends get married. It was an absolutely perfect day and I felt so privileged to be a bridesmaid with some of my most favourite people. There was ice cream, surprise singing waiters, a Great Wedding Cake Off and some seriously dodgy dancing... Joe, Scott, Dave... I'm looking at you!

Wedding Day - Life in Excess Blog

Back To Dubai - Finally, like every great egg and spoon race, our trip came to a exhausting, yet slightly dodgy end. I won't go into any great depth about the airport hotel we stayed in the evening before our flight - the suspicious stains on the curtains and amourous neighbours that ruined the finale of Broadchurch. We made it home to our villa in Dubai and were greeted with a melted kitchen cupboard, broken A/C in our bedroom and 3/4 of the Arabian desert covering every inch of our worldly possessions. Joys. Our family was reunited again when we picked up Daisy and Ralph from the boarding facility and after an entire day's worth of mopping, scrubbing and laundry, calm was finally restored to our little corner of the universe. 

Well, until we have family out to visit us next week and the madness commences all over again. 


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