Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Ruffle Dress

I know, I know. It's technically Autumn, although really it isn't but everyone seems to think it is because it's September and a couple of leaves have fallen on the ground. 

I mean, I'm not judging. I may have lit one of my autumnal Bath and Body Works candles the other day and felt pretty darn smug about it. 

Anyway, regardless of the fact that Summer is almost over, and I should probably be steering away from blue and white stripes seeing as they practically dominated my wardrobe this year, I went out and snapped up this absolute dreamboat of a dress from Pretty Little Thing.

Life in Excess Blog / Dubai Fashion Blogger
Life in Excess Blog / Dubai Fashion Blogger
Life in Excess Blog / Dubai Fashion Blogger
Life in Excess Blog / Dubai Fashion Blogger
Life in Excess Blog / Dubai Fashion Blogger
Outfit Details: Aaliyah Pinstripe Frill Dress - Pretty Little Thing // Pom Pom Beach Bag - Forever21

I have mixed feelings about Pretty Little Thing, I mean, some of their stuff is pretty... aherm... awful. I'll be honest. If you ever catch me wearing mustard velour leggings or anything mesh over my arse cheeks, you're free to CTRL ALT DELETE me from your life. 

But then they go and drop an absolute gem like this dress right here and all is forgiven. 

I love the fact that the hem line has a faux wrap dress look. FYI, I hate wrap dresses. I'm not entirely blessed in the boobage department but I've yet to find a wrap dress that hasn't tried to expose my knockers at one point or another. Anyway, the wrap-style ruffles are an absolute win. As is the fact that the waist tie nips you in and the ruffles on the sleeves make me want to shimmy shoulder my way around Dubai. 

Life in Excess Blog / Dubai Fashion Blogger

In fact, I loved this dress so much, I also bought it in black. LOL. I'm not even going to try and make excuses because as daft as it may seem, I'm not even the slightest bit sorry. 

Both dresses were a 'whopping' £28 each which is an absolute b.a.r.g.a.i.n. They come in a multitude of colours and patterns - yes, I'm contemplating the red, and for any Dubai-based peeps that may be reading, the shipping fees were extremely reasonable and delivery was speedy and hassle-free. 

Boom. Drops mic. 

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