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My Thoughts On The New iPhone X

Disclaimer: If you're looking for in depth technical advice, you're in the wrong place. I'm no tech wizard - or whatever those Apple guys are calling themselves these days. I'm just a girl with a new phone and an urge to chat about it. 

Here are my honest thoughts on the new iPhone X:

Review Apple iPhone X Life in Excess Blog
Review Apple iPhoneX Life in Excess Blog

New phone day wasn't quite the joyous occasion I'd been anticipating. 5 hours into trying to set up my new phone, I was ready to throw that X right out of the window like every other bad relationship I've ever had. It seemed that my old iPhone 6 and my new iPhone X couldn't see eye to eye and trying to back up and restore all of my personal info from one phone to the next would take an entire evening, plus a very lengthy phone conversation with Apple's tech support. 

If you're a habitual 'back up' procrastinator (i.e. haven't backed your phone up in over a year) and you have over 15,000 photos and videos, mostly of your dog, that you've never bothered to save anywhere else, I'd pour yourself a large glass of wine and clear yourself an entire day. Trust me.

So, with my phone finally set up, here's what I love about the iPhone X:

The camera - This is arguably the iPhone X's best feature and honestly, the only reason I opted for the X over the iPhone 8. It has the dual lens, like the plus models, meaning that it gives you those nice blurred backgrounds that we all love, it performs better in low light settings and gives you clearer, sharper images. The X also has the new Portrait Mode which is perfect for taking selfies and allows you to adjust the lighting effects, depending on what type of image you're trying to produce. The front facing camera is also of a significantly higher quality than any other iPhone I've ever used, which means incredibly clear selfies - freckles and all. Make of that what you will. Most of my latest Instagram images have been taken on the iPhone X and I'm blown away by the quality of the images every time I use my phone's camera. Here are some images I shot recently to prove my point:

Review Apple iPhoneX Life in Excess Blog
Without Portrait Mode, edited to brighten image

Review Apple iPhoneX Life in Excess Blog
Portrait Mode, unedited

Review Apple iPhoneX Life in Excess Blog
Portrait Mode, edited to brighten, de saturate parts of image

The Size - This was another important factor in my decision to buy the iPhone X. I've always felt that the Plus models are too big for me and with this just being a fraction larger than my iPhone 6, but with a much larger screen, I feel like you're really getting the best of both worlds. 

Facial Recognition - I never realised how much I hated having to manually unlock my phone until I started using the X's facial recognition. I just pick up my phone, swipe up and I'm usually good to go. (We'll come back to the usually part in the 'things I hate' section.) I also really like the fact that my notifications are private when they flash up on my screen and the content is only shown when I look at my phone - perfect for if you've ever had an embarrassing message flash up on your screen when you've been sitting out in public. Also, the animojis, whilst being incredibly gimmicky, have provided Scott and I with endless laughs. It's the small things, right?

Review Apple iPhoneX Life in Excess Blog
Private notifications

Onto the things I hate about the iPhone X:

The Facial Recognition - Ahh yes, the facial recognition. When it actually works, it's brilliant but truthfully, it's about as reliable as the lottery winner from Nigeria looking to share his good fortune. It works about half of the time and practically never when I'm wearing sunglasses... which is more or less every time I'm out and about in Dubai.

Blurred Scrolling - Through a bit of late night googling when I first started using my phone, I found out that this is possibly due to the iPhone X's OLED display but whenever the screen is set to a low brightness, text and images can sometimes become sort of blurred when scrolling. It's kind of hard to describe but the text and images look like they break up and have lines running through them when you fast scroll. I found this extremely off putting at first but I must have got used to it because I don't notice it as much now. Although, for such an expensive phone, I wouldn't have expected there to be such an issue.

Price - Okay, this is definitely a subjective thing but for me, I feel like the price of the iPhone X is just ridiculous. Yes, on the whole, it's a very good phone, but still... it's just a phone. I paid AED 4,729 for the 256GB model, which at the current exchange rate works out around £956. It makes my stomach churn to see it on paper like that. Would I buy it again knowing what I do? Yes, I would, but only because I hadn't upgraded my phone in years. If you have 7 or 8 Plus models, I'd be tempted to wait this one out. 

Overall, I am really happy with my new phone. There are some tweaks that I think Apple need to make, but for their first full display phone, I think they've done a pretty decent job. I haven't even thought twice about the home screen button, which I thought I would miss more than I actually do. 
As a blogger and Instagram obsessive, the camera definitely makes this purchase worthwhile for me and is very much my favourite thing about the iPhone X.

What are your thoughts about the iPhone X? Have you upgraded or are you considering taking the plunge? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Review Apple iPhone X Life in Excess Blog


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