Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My 40 Pan Inglot Eye Shadow Palette

I bit the bullet and ended up with a 40 pan Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Palette the other weekend. 40. How any human being can possibly warrant owning that amount of eye shadow is beyond me, but here we are. 

Truthfully, I wanted the 20 pan palette but the shop I visited in Helsinki didn't have any in stock. Being unable to walk away empty-handed, I justified such a ridiculous sized palette by explaining to Scott that I would, 'grow into it' whatever that means, and that my mini, three pans would be the solution to the whole host of travel implications that a 40 pan palette throws out there. If truth be told, I'm secretly pleased I sized up as I've got so many shades that I want to add to my collection so I'd have filled the 20 pan in a jiffy. 

Here's what I have so far:

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I'm lurking in the background too, likely with the make up shakes from a day of shopping and swatching, but that's a story for another day. 

As you can see, I have many a slot to fill with this palette and, as I've raved about Inglot's Freedom System Palettes so much on my little corner of the Interwebz, I shall crack right on with the deets and swatches. (You can read my other Inglot posts, here, here, here and here.)

Inglot, Inglot Freedom System swatches, Inglot Freedom System swatches and review, Inglot AMC Shine swatches, Inglot eyeshadow swatches

30, 397, 363, 12, 450 and 419 are the shadows that I already owned and of which you'll find info on, via the links above. The rest are all new shades that I picked up. 

Inglot eye shadows come in a variety of finishes. You can read about each on Jessica Allison's blog but my current collection contain a couple of mattes, along with a few AMC Shines, with the rest being Pearl finishes. 

Inglot, Inglot Freedom System swatches, Inglot Freedom System swatches and review, Inglot AMC Shine swatches, Inglot eyeshadow swatches

From left to right we have:

AMC Shine 30 - It's really hard to see this in all its glory in the swatch photograph, but this is a gorgeous, shimmery, gold-toned highlight. I love using this on my brow bone as it really brightens up the eye area. This is a must have shade for any eye shadow kit. 

Pearl 397 - Dubbed as a dupe for MAC's All That Glitters, this is peachy beige shadow with a pearly shimmer. Another essential shade and one that looks great on its own, swiped over the lids for an every day eye look. 

Matte 363 - A tapue, brown matte shade that is silky smooth and makes for a great eye contouring shade. I use this a lot for adding depth to a smokey eye.

Brow Powder 569 - Hands up, I don't know what I was doing here. Either I swatched another shade and was given the wrong product or I made a mistake thinking this was an eye shadow, either way, I'm surprised I picked it up as it doesn't have a great deal of pigmentation and applies a little patchy. I've seen a few good reviews of this in terms of it being a brow powder though so I'll let you know where I eventually lie with this one.

AMC Shine 47 - This is such a stunning, cool, silvery blue-grey. It's high shine and packed full of pigment, which gives a really metallic finish to the eye. 

AMC Shine 12 - This was one of the first Inglot eye shadows that I bought, along with shade 30 and one that I accidentally repurchased over the weekend - clearly I can't get enough. It's a reddish brown shimmer. 

Pearl 450 - This is a sheeny, pinkish red colour and is definitely not a shade I would usually go for. I was inspired to try something a little different and whilst I do love this shadow, I don't wear it as much as I should. 

Pearl 423 - I seriously heart this shade. It's a deep, chocolatey brown that blends beautifully with...

Pearl 402 - A lighter, taupey brown shade. I'm a sucker for neutrals and this kind of shade is my Kryptonite.  It's really versatile and works for both a day eye shadow and acts as a good transitional shade for a smokey evening look. 

AMC Shine 43 - This is a beautiful golden bronze shade. I don't own many shadows in this colour as I tend to shy away from the yellow/orangey toned shades, but I fell in love swatching this. 

Pearl 419 - Last but not least, we have this dark sage shadow with a hint of a golden sheen to it. This is another one of my faves and another welcome change from the usual 50 shades of brown shadows that I buy time and time again. 

I also tried to get my hands on several other shades but they were out of stock in store so a web order may be called for. I need the turquoisey green 414 and 391 which is a deep, matte black. Plus a whole host of others that I'm not going to list as we'll be here all day. 

I cannot praise Inglot's eye shadows enough. I'm a complete convert. Along with their huge shade range and impeccable quality, they definitely give other well known brands a run for their money. 

What are your thoughts on Inglot? Have you tried the Freedom System Eye Shadow Palettes and are there any shades that I need to try. 

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