Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I May Have A Problem

Okay, I may have several problems, (inability to navigate myself out of a car park - check) but today I'm talking specifically about my obsession with Inglot eye shadows. I KNOW! You'd think I'd have gotten over my addiction to the Polish beauty brand by now but the love I have for their shadows runs deep. So I bought a shit load more - fourteen to be precise. And then because I clearly have no sense of financial responsibility, I went and bought another palette to house them in. I'd usually give some excuses at this point but to cut a long story short, the new one is white and can take any size pans - I have a Benefit shadow quad that I've been dying to depot for the longest time, so yea... there we go. 

Anyhoo, less of the waffle and let's crack on with why we're here... If you fancy taking a peek at my original Inglot palette, head on over here. The newbies are as follows, (and yes, I was having a bit of a matte moment!)

Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

Top Row (Left to Right)

Inglot 340, Inglot 317, Inglot 345, Inglot 414, Inglot 391

340 Matte - I was feeling adventurous and went on a bit of a teal/turquoise shadow spree. This is a great alternative to black shadow as it's really deep with a subtle hint of blue/green.

317 Matte - This gorgeous teal shadow is SO pigmented and such a unique colour - plus it was in the sale, bargain!

345 Matte - A very light, minty green. The white base makes this a fab highlight shade for a colourful smokey eye. 

414 Pearl - I have lusted after this shimmery, mermaid-esque green shadow for a long time. I hate that photographs never do these justice - it really is a beauty!

391 Matte - Okay, hands down, THE best matte black eye shadow I have ever used. 'Nuff said. 

Middle Row (Left to Right)

Inglot 390, Inglot 326, Inglot 337, Inglot 319, Inglot 452

390 Matte - A brownish beige. Lovely, soft transitional shade.

326 Matte - URGH... I need a moment. This rich, chocolately brown has the most subtle purple/red undertones and is seriously UHHmazing! If you're creating a warm, smokey eye, this is your BFF. 

337 Matte - Another matte, transitional shade. A taupey beige. 

319 Matte - I must admit, I'm usually pretty wary of pink eye shadow but this actually pairs beautifully with Inglot's 397 (MAC All That Glitters dupe) and a soft brown; for a nudey daytime eye look.

452 Pearl - Another MAC dupe, (or so I believe) this time it's for Cranberry. 

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

Inglot 350, Inglot 35, Inglot 357, Inglot 313

350 Matte - Yes, you guessed it... It's another neutral beige shade. This is so similar to 390 that I probably didn't need both. One of the downsides to shopping online. Still, a lovely shade in itself.

35 Shine - Like the name, a high-shine, pure white shadow. Like most Inglot shadows, this is well pigmented so a little goes a long way. I love a light sweep of this to highlight my brow bone. 

357 Matte - A warm, mid-brown. 

313 Matte - Right, this shadow needs some explanation. I mentioned in a previous post that I was currently obsessed with You Tuber, Jaclyn Hill's beauty tutorials. One of the shadows that she uses in almost all of her eye make up looks is Makeup Geek's Peach Smoothie. Whilst this shade isn't exactly like that one, it is better suited to my skin tone and makes an excellent base shadow for almost every single eye look. The fact that it has yellow tones to it means it helps to brighten up the eye area. If you don't have a shade like this in your stash, pick one up and thank me later!

I'm going to keep the gushing to a minimum today, but when it comes to eye shadows, I find it seriously hard to fault Inglot. At £5 per pan, they really are affordable, considering how much product you get, (2.3g roughly, depending on which shadows you choose) I'll be amazed if I ever finish some of them! In terms of quality, they are soft, blendable, super pigmented and apply like an absolute dream. The shade selection is enormous, I just wish Inglot would give them names instead of numbers and make everyone's life easier!

Have you tried any products from Inglot? What are your thoughts on the new shadows that I picked up? Leave your comments below. 

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