Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A Special 'Shit My Husband Says' Post

Remember when this mini-series was called Shit My Fiance Says? Yea, me neither because it's been that long since I posted anything... Anyway, it's a special one today as it's Scott's birthday!


Note: Anyone else think that, 'Mr Excessive' sounds like a weird porno name? 

Just me? 

Moving on...

In honour of his birth, I thought I would give you guys another glimpse at the inner most workings of my husband's brain. I've been saving these crackers for a special occasion so I do hope you enjoy!

Shit My Husband Says:

- "Do you know this dragon fruit? - Well, it's actually cheese!" Of course it is...

- *Singing* "Doe, a deer, a female deer. Sew, a needle pulling hay..." We'll just gloss over the fact that my husband was singing the Sound of Music... 

- Scott's take on the air conditioning - "It's like someone's speaking Parsletongue in the air 

- Whilst watching me apply my concealer - "You look like an Indian princess warrior" Errrmm... Thanks? 

- "When you become pregnant it will inspire me to eat healthy and not drink alcohol" I'd rather not be on the, 'pregnancy diet' if I can help it...

Here's to another year of wonderful one-liners! 


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