Tuesday, 6 October 2015

MAC Margin

I've never been one to describe myself as having, 'a type' but when it comes to blushers, I go weak at the knees for a peachy pink. My current collection of 'absolutely essential purchases' are so similar in shade that they warrant disapproving glances from my husband - but he doesn't speak make up so we're all good. 

When I clapped eyes on a MAC Frost blush called Margin, I knew I didn't need it. I knew I had several very similar, if not dupeable shades sitting in my make up drawers... but I had to have it anyway. *Preaching to the choir here, you all know how this thing works!

There is a justification story if anyone is interested. I'll spare you the lengthy excuses but I had just been left/abandoned at the airport. Plus, I'd had a mare at the baggage counter, was 70 Euros down through excess charges and Scott has just snapped a wooden wedding sign I'd spent approximately three weeks sanding down and painting. I'd say the fact that I only walked away with a MAC blusher is a pretty big win. 

So, back to make up. I'm quite partial to a bit of shimmer in my blusher; although there can often be a fine line between shimmer and glitter. For me, Margin has the right balance. It's a frosted rose/peach with a soft, gold sheen to it. Personally, I don't find it too much for every day wear - I like a glow and this delivers. There's a LOT to be said about pairing this with a tan. It's a match made in heaven. I know, I know... It's plum season but I'm not ready to face that fact yet!

If you have anything at all like this in your make up stash, you don't need this blusher. It's an unremarkable shade and there are literally thousands of identical shades out there on the market, but, I really do have a soft spot for this one. If we're calling favourites, this is sitting pretty high up the ladder for the peaches. Can anyone spell sucker?

Do you have a blusher shade that you typically gravitate towards? 

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