Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Faux Glow

Is it Spring yet? 

I mean, are we good to throw those berry lipsticks to the back of our drawers and dig out the pink, shimmery stuff? (We'll gloss over the fact that I purchased a new berry lipstick a mere couple of days ago - it's another post for another day!)

You know how it is...

Anyway, I have recently embarked on a pretty big highlighting come borderline sweaty-looking, make up journey. I don't know why. Perhaps it's wishful thinking that warmer weather is on the way - who knows? All I can say is that I've been dousing/dusting and generally basking myself in every single, glow-giving product that I own.

Here are some of the ones that I've been reaching for:

Firstly, I'm a little lot late to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette party. 

The price, teamed with the fact that it wasn't one of those, 'exciting' purchases - the kind that is usually limited to eye shadow and lipstick, but more recently blusher... I'm going through a pretty intense blusher phase right now... Anyway, the point is, I always pushed it to the back of my mind, knowing one day that it would be mine but never fully committing. Then my lovely husband bought it me for Christmas and my life changed - in glorious, and I'm gonna use a cliche here, 'lit from within' fashion! 

I don't really waste much time with this, swiping my brush through all three shades and dusting myself like a Viccy sponge. It's just beautiful, and that's all the description you really need. The powders are something else. Soft. Silky. Flawless. It brightens up my complexion without looking too much - despite my tendency to go in with a heavy hand, and quite frankly, everybody should own this. I know, the price is painful but it's an absolute must-have for me. 

Next up, there's an old-school, shimmery bronzer... and I say old school but what I really mean is that I've owned it for a over a year so it's technically old. The bronzer in question is the Soap & Glory Wonderbronze Shimmer Brick. I'll admit, I typically like my bronzers matte. In fact, I tend to use cooler toned powders to lazily contour and often ditch the bronzer completely but recently I've found myself reaching for this again. It's warm but not too reddish/orange in colour and really plays up that sunkissed goddess vibe that I'm all for. 

Finally, there's a newbie product in the bunch. The Halo Illuminiser in Delicate Pearl by H&M. I picked this up recently on a whim. After several minutes lingering around the H&M beauty stand, I swatched a bit of this on the back of my hand and the rest is history. 

H&M Delicate Pearl Illuminiser Swatch and Review

The shade is one of three I believe, with Delicate Pearl being the lighter of the bunch. It's a gorgeous pink-toned highlighter, slightly tacky in texture. I've been applying this all over my face before going in with my foundation as a brightening primer and I have to say - I really like it. This can also be mixed into or applied on top of foundation as a highlight... which I've also been doing... liberally. 

Which products do you use to achieve the faux glow? Are you a lover of highlighting/stobing/bathing thyself in shimmer? Let me know what you think in the comment section below. 

Happy highlighting everyone!

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