Sunday, 21 February 2016

House Of Allure Spa - Abu Dhabi

It's been a long time since I flaunted my nails on here - mostly due to the fact that I really hate painting my own nails, especially as 90% of the time, they end up a hot, smudged mess within the hour. So, when I was invited along to the House of Allure Spa for a manicure/pedicure a couple of weeks ago, I jumped at the chance to give my nails a much-needed lick of polish.

The newly opened spa features a nail bar, hair salon and space for various beauty treatments. Despite having a lot going on, I was glad to see that it still felt like a place I wanted to relax in. Calm and comfortable. 

Plus, can we take a moment to appreciate the decor?

House of Allure Spa Abu Dhabi

When I arrived, the staff were there right away to greet me with a smile and to walk me through into the nail bar to pick my polish - and that was no easy task! The choice was ample, with brands such as Essie and China Glaze to name but a few. 

I finally settled on a Valentine's appropriate, red Essie polish and sat back to let the girls work their magic. 

It's clear to see that great attention to detail has been paid with House Of Allure Spa - from the built-in foot baths and comfortable couches along the side wall to the 'drying stations' to speed up the dry time of your paint job. There's a fancy machine that you can use to print your own photographs to apply to your nails - which I obviously mistook for a coffee machine, and the TV screens play a loop of beauty tutorials that had me eager to rush home and grab my blending brush.

The girls that did my manicure/pedicure were fantastic. Polite and knowledgeable, keen to advise me on the current, (not so great) condition of my nails and what I could do at home to improve them. 

After a stint at the drying station, one of the staff members gave me a brief tour of the spa and I even had a poke around at the variety of beauty products they had on sale, from lashes to lipstick and even hair styling tools, they really have something to suit everyone. 

Before I knew it, my hour or so was up and I had to wave goodbye to House Of Allure, but with my loyalty card clutched in my freshly manicured paws, I was sure I'd be back. 

House of Allure Spa Abu Dhabi

Thanks again to the House of Allure Spa for a fantastic afternoon. Make sure you head on over to their website to find out more about the wide range of treatments and services that they offer - House of Allure Spa Abu Dhabi. 

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