Wednesday, 25 May 2016

20 Facts About Me

This is one of those, I need to write a blog post posts. In fact, I have five to schedule today before my family touch down in the Sandpit so the pressure's on. 

It's typically an occasion in which wine would be called for but it's midday and I'll try to operate some level of restraint. 

Anyhoo, for lack of wanting to hit you with beauty post after beauty post, I thought I'd throw in a '20 Facts About Me!' I was going to write 50 but 50 is way too many, trust me, I'm not that interesting.

So, without further ado:

Life in Excess Blog - 20 Facts About Me

1. I used to have an X-Ray of my skull in one of our kitchen cupboards. I'm just gonna let that one hang there. 

2. I'm allergic to fish sauce.

3. I have been known to eat cold mushy peas with salt and vinegar... out of the can! I can't believe I'm actually admitting this one. 

4. And sticking with the theme of food, I also ate a spoonful of fish food once, as a dare. 

5. I've lived in four different countries throughout my lifetime so far. England, Qatar, Finland and now the UAE. 

6. I can say sausage and chips in Finnish. Well, sausage and potatoes.

7. I'm known amongst many of Scott's work colleagues and friends back home for introducing them to the Springbok shot. A.K.A. the best shot you'll ever taste!

8. I can rap the entire Bad Touch song by Bloodhound Gang. (And often do so after too many glasses of wine.)

9. One of my childhood dogs was called Chien which literally translates to 'dog.' So creative - haha!

10. I also had a black and white cat called Garfield because I was obsessed with the cartoon. 

11.  I don't own a single item of red clothing and never wear anything red, (except lipstick) because it really doesn't suit me. 

12. I've never been stung by a bee or a wasp. 

13. Some of the jobs I wanted to do growing up were work in fashion, be a nurse (my mum finds this hilarious as I'm so squeamish) be a forensic scientist - which I very nearly applied for before going down the route of being a teacher. 

14. I have a driver's license but I've never driven a car solo. I also drove down the wrong side of the road on one of my driving tests but you can read about that, and more embarrassing tales here

15. I'm one of four siblings. I'm the eldest. I have two sisters, one is still in school and the other is a few years younger than me. I also have a brother who has just turned 21. 

16. I'm one of those people that's always cold when everyone else is sweating!

17. I love reading and loved reading especially when I was a child. I would always ask for books for birthdays and had several encyclopedias that I would read for fun. 

18. I've quit drinking coffee and haven't drank it in a long time because it gives me really bad headaches. 

19. I'm a really nervous traveler. I hate flying the most but I also get anxious over long car journeys and public transport solo is a no-no. 

20. I'm a total believer in fate and karma. I definitely think that everything happens for a reason, even if we don't know what that is yet and that you just have to trust that things will work out as they need to be in the end. 

Let me know if you enjoyed this 20 Facts post and I encourage you to share your 20 facts, whether it be in the comments or in your own blog post. 

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday!


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