Sunday, 17 July 2016

Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Review

'Is this girl banging on about Inglot again?' 

Yes. Yes, I am. Call it what you will, the obsession is real. Plus, there's an Inglot store on every corner in Abu Dhabi so - justified! 

Anway, my love for Inglot eye shadow pans is well documented. I raved about them in my recent, 'What's in my Z Palette?' post, (plus a million other posts that you can check out here.) I'd never tried any of their pigments, however, and with a brief dabble at the counter, I was immediately sold on this coppery beauty.

Feast thy eyes...

Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Shade 24 - Swatches and Review, Life in Excess Blog

Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Shade 24 - Swatches and Review, Life in Excess Blog
Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Shade 24 - Swatches and Review, Life in Excess Blog

I died. The shade, (AMC 24) is absolutely beautiful and as I have blue eyes, it makes for a perfect statement shadow that really makes my eyes... aherm... pop! 

The swatches fail to capture the true nature of this pigment as it's a flat image but these sparkle like you wouldn't believe. 

Now, I'm new to Inglot's pigments but there's noticeable variation in the formulas and I'm putting that down to the different finishes that these have. I opted for a very, high-shine, metallic finish and the formula is slightly chunkier than, for example, my MAC Tan pigment. I'm putting that down to the fact that there are slightly larger 'glitter' particles which give the sparkly, high-shine finish. I swatched other pigments in store that were identical to my MAC pigment, much finer and smoother to apply but they didn't have as bold a finish. Just an FYI. 

I have tried and swatched these both dry, wet and using my NARS Eye Primer. What I will say is that there is fallout - and quite a lot. I wouldn't even dream of applying this after you've applied your foundation as it will totally ruin your work. With a primer, the fallout was minimal during the day but there was some. I think, due to the fact that this is a slightly chunkier pigment, a glitter glue would be the best product to pair this with and I think that's my next move. 

In spite of that, I still really rate this pigment for those who want to make a statement. It's a shadow that I would personally reserve for the evening as it is quite a dramatic look but if you love glitter or you love high-shine, metallic eye shadows then I think you'd really enjoy this. 

Have you tried Inglot's eye shadow pigments before or rate any other of their products? What are your thoughts on glitter, metallic eye shadow? Does this look like something you would wear?


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