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LVL Lash Lift Review - Before & After

Confession: I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to personal care. 

I'm sure if my husband is reading this, he's shaking his head and tutting right about now, but in all honesty, I rarely get a salon-based manicure, I typically tame my own brows and trips to the spa are, more often than not, saved for special occasions. So, when I decided to treat my lashes to my first LVL lash lift, I was pretty darn excited. 

LVL Lash Lift Review - Before and After Photos, Life in Excess Blog

Hang on, what is LVL?

LVL is a revolutionary lash treatment developed by Nouveau Lashes and stands for 'Length Volume and Lift'. It is dubbed as a 'Natural' solution to longer-looking, more fabulous lashes without the need for extensions, adhesives and mascara. Lashes are lifted from the root and tinted to give a mascara-like effect for a natural-looking, 'my lashes but better' finish.

What does the treatment entail?

LVL lashes take approximately 45 minutes to complete and the process is completely pain-free. You need to arrive to the salon eye makeup-free and most places require a patch test to be completed 48 hours prior to your treatment.

The lower lashes are pressed down and covered with a shield to avoid any of the perming solutions getting onto them and then a silicone pad is applied to the upper lid, just above your lash line. The upper lashes are combed through and 'lifted' onto the upper pads, whilst various perming serums and the tint are applied. You need to keep your eyes closed throughout the entire process but once done, you're pretty much good to go. You'll need to avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours, but after that, you can shower as normal. 

Before and After

LVL Lash Lift Review - Before and After Photos, Life in Excess Blog, LVL Lashes Dubai

LVL Lash Lift Review - Before and After Photos, Life in Excess Blog, LVL Lashes Dubai
All photos are taken without makeup. Please forgive my hairy, pre threading brows. 

As you can see, my natural lashes are pretty uninspiring. They have little to no natural curl and are quite fair, considering my naturally dark hair colour. 

After LVL, my lashes are much more noticeable without makeup, and appear longer and more curled. The effect is even more dramatic with the addition on mascara, giving off an almost false lash look. It's safe to say, I'm officially an LVL lash convert! 

LVL lashes are designed to last between 6-8 weeks, depending on how well you take care of your lashes post-treatment and your lash type. The longer you can leave your lashes untouched after treatment, the better. I was right in with the mascara 24 hours after I had my lashes done because I was going out, but even so, almost 2 weeks on, they're still looking as good as new. 

For me, LVL lashes are a no-brainer. They're not as expensive as lash extensions, nor as time-consuming to have done. The effects are plain to see and relatively easy to achieve. I haven't noticed any damage to my natural lashes, which I'll admit, was a concern of mine when researching LVL. I've had zero breakage and no lash fallout, other than what you would typically expect to see from your usual lash cycle. 

I would highly recommend LVL to anyone wanting a quick, low-maintenance solution to longer-looking, more naturally enhanced lashes. 

Have you had an LVL Lash Lift done before or is this treatment something you would consider having done yourself? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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