Hello new people...

I guess I’d better tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Kirsty. I consider cheese to be a key food source and I forget how old I am at least once a week.

Over the last few years, I have been living the expat life. Which, as glamourous as it sounds, isn’t without its fair share of trials and tribulations.  (Don’t worry, I’ve been told they make for an interesting read though!)

I met my husband in Qatar and together we moved to Finland, picking up two furry guinea pigs along the way. In October 2015, we packed our bags once more and relocated to the sunny sandpit - Also known as the UAE, this time for good. Hopefully.

So what can you expect from Life in Excess? I guess I fall into the, ‘lifestyle blogger’ category. Here you will see me share my views on impulse-bought lipstick, bear witness to my rants about life and observe the occasional ‘funny moment,’ usually brought about by a late night bout of insomnia and access to too much internet.

I do hope you stick around!



  1. Qatar?! Facinating! I'm really interested to hear what life was like over there. As a former expat, I'm always fascinated with other people's travel stories and adventures. Such a bold and brave thing to do.

    Have you written any posts in the past about life in Qatar?


  2. Thank you. It was a bit of an unusual choice to say the least. I haven't written any posts specifically about Qatar but maybe I should in the future. Watch this space :) xx

    1. Hi kirsty, beautiful blog. I'd love to hear about your experiences living in Doha too.I've just left there and have written a few posts about it with more to come. Be great to hear your experience too!

  3. "but I do love to spend more money than I should on endless amounts of crap!" i am pretty sure thats a requirement for being a beautyblogger.
    Your story sounds amazing. Now i feel measly with only moving to Belgium ;)

  4. Ahh, don't be daft! I've never been to Belgium and I'm sure you have some great stories to share!! xx

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  6. That blush looks gorgeous. x



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